Thursday, April 25, 2013

Could I be a time traveller?

A strange thing was happening to me this morning.
I was supposed to attend an appointment at 8:00 AM this morning, located in a place where it takes only 5-7 minutes to get there. Last night, I slept at around 3 or 4 AM and I thought I should set my alarm, so I did set my alarm to wake me up at 7:15 and 7:30 (believe me, one alarm is never enough) otherwise I would end up waking up at 10:00.
This morning I kinda woke up at 7:00 but I went to sleep again. After 15-20 minutes, I finally really woke up and the time was 7:20 ish. I took my clothes from the closet and went to take a bath. I think it took only around 15 minutes so if I remember it right, I'd be finished bathing at 7:35 (am i right so far?).
I looked at the time and yeah it was quite far from 8:00, so I decided to turn on my laptop and copy the material I had to bring to the appointment. After that, I downloaded my study materials (which I hadn't downloaded. fyi, the exam is tomorrow). I'm sure it took only a short time, but I didn't look at the time again after I finished downloading them.
So I went out of my boarding house, to the appointment place which is not far at all. I decided to buy some breakfast and a bottle of mineral water because I was hungry. Then I ate my breakfast on my way there.

When I arrived, I was feeling proud because I thought I came earlier. I asked to the person I was supposed to meet with such a pride, "You asked me to come by this time, right?" and smiles. But the person answered, "This time, you said??" with somehow a sarcastic smile. I wasn't sure what she meant by that, but then I got curious and looked at my phone to check what time it was.

8:50 AM!!

I spazzed for a while and I tried to recall everything I did. How could this happen? I approximately took only  45 minutes to prepare. How could it be 8:50 AM?

Then I started to think that I might have skipped an hour of time. Which is totally possible, right? (yes, yes it is)

Could I be a time traveller?
Please let me know what you think about this, and if you have some kind of sherlock-analysis to solve this... (riddle?) feel free to share your thoughts.

That's it for now, folks.

Live life to the fullest,


  1. Hm. What kind of clock did you checked at your dorm? Was that "clock" your phone? And was it the same phone that you checked at the meeting spot?

    Oh, and btw, did you finish your breakfast by the time you got there?

    1. Hi Arosvar thanks for your comment. Well the kind of clock i checked at my dorm was the same clock i checked at the meeting spot. It's on my phone.

      And no I only finished half of my breakfast by the time I got there. It was only a cheese-filled bread , by the way.

  2. Hola Janet, it's me Arosvar. Just changed my username.
    Lo siento por mi repuesta tarde, got so many things to do.
    Hm. So you always checked your time with the same clock?

    In that case, I think it was because you were either misread the time when you were at your dorm or you took way longer to download your homework (how lovely it would be if my homeworks se downloadable, jaja) than you thought. Did you check the time on your laptop while you were on it?

    However, anomalía does exist afterall. Cosas extrañas happened sometimes.
    Don't think too much about it. It will extraordinario if you are a real time traveler don't you think?

  3. Hi Arosvar/Sinombre, It turns out that my phone's clock was wrong. The day after that day, I checked my phone's clock and it was an hour earlier than it was supposed to be. I guess I did check the time on my laptop, and it was showing the right time. I messed up my own mind. hahaha


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