Sunday, April 21, 2013

Writing your own life?

If life is written, 

Do you see yourself as the reader, or do you see yourself as a writer?

There may be some of you who would think, "Of course I am the writer, because I write my life, I own it as if it was my own book. I'm definitely the writer, because I'm the only one who defiines myself."

But some of you would have a different perspective by thinking, "I spend most of my time in my life to be a reader, because I learn a lot from other people, things, whether it's good or bad. I observe a lot, and therefore I know what life is. I think I am a reader."

I believe that we are both of them.

I apologize for writing such a blurry post. I personally think it's fun to spend time by myself getting deep in thoughts, as I try to figure out what to write on my blog. Sometimes I don't even plan to write anything, so maybe most of the time I end up posting ambiguous post that doesn't even have a clear purpose at the very first place. 

Speaking of it, I'd like to share a bit of my thoughts and experience on writing.

I never called myself a writer. 
I have to admit, I have had 2 blogs before this one. The first one was when I was in high school, most of the posts were just about my daily life at school or weird things that I found fun to post about. The second blog I had was probably not as "slice of life" as the first one, but I made it when I just graduated from high school. I posted some serious posts and some random posts. It was fun. But then I took a hiatus because college started and like usual, I couldn't think of a topic that I would write about. Now this third blog is a fresh new start.

So have you figured why I was never brave to call myself a writer? I was thinking that a writer should be a creative person who always knows what he/she wants to write. A writer should really know how to express things, whether it's their thoughts, people's thoughts, knowledge, or feelings which are waiting to be expressed. 

According to that definition of a writer, I can't call myself one. I've started 2 blogs (now it's 3) hoping that it would be the last blog that I made. But I always felt the need to make a fresh start, once I think the previous one was not good enough to continue. "The blog was too childish", "Too many aimless post", "Talked too much about emotional feelings", and etc.

But tonight something got me.
Back to that comfortable thoughtful state of mine, for once I actually looked at it differently.

The posts , they keep evolving as the time flows. It changes as I change.
When I read the posts from the past, I could really see how it changed through the years.
It's like writing your own history book. 
It really is about your life. How you see life, feel life, listen to life, and react to life.

And now, I feel no more regrets.

I might have had discontinued 2 blogs now. But those are no longer failures.
They are my past stages of life. And those have influenced and made me who I am now, more or less.
Now I'm trying to work on my third blog, and as always, I hope this can last as long as it's good to last.

I've always enjoyed writing to express. I admit I have tried writing to impress. 
But oh- that didn't work so well. Anyway.

That's about me and writing. If you have read until this far, then it's your turn.
How about you? How do you feel about writing? What is it to you?
Do you feel like you're good at it? Have you tried writing your thoughts/ feelings and just let it free without even bothering about how it looks like to others when they read it?

Don't doubt, start writing.

Leave your comments below. :)

Live life to the fullest,


  1. Hello ci Janet, found your blog from Facebook. Wish to follow you but there is no follower gadget... Wants to read more of your writings :)


    Writing doesn't have to be something skeptical, or lengthy. Any effort of writing by particular person can be said as one's a writer. Blog is just one way to distribute our writing hobby, as it has unlimited space for us to write. I personally have been writing so many topics for years and am being a blogger up until now I've learnt so many thanks to that.

    Waiting for your future posts :D

    Fellow blogger,

  2. Net, just out of curiosity, did you delete your last 2 blogs? Or simply just discontinue it?

  3. @Konayachi-Chan oh i think i should add the follower gadtet.. sorry. I haven't really had time to design this new blog :D thanks for the inputs. I can call myself a writer now. At least, a life writer.

    @Ariston nope I didn't delete my last 2 blogs. I simply discontinued it. I kept it just like that in case I want to re-read my posts. There are some posts that I'm still proud of there so I might re-post them here in my new blog :)


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