Sunday, January 12, 2014

Do All Kinds of Small Stuff Matter?

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It was raining for the whole day, and if I wanted to just snuggle with my pillows all day like I usually do, I could have done it. But I didn't, and I learned quite a few things. Here's my random rant about it.

One of my best buddies is having his birthday today, and he invited me to have lunch together, also with the other good friends of mine. The weather sucks thesedays, so much that it rains almost everyday. I was home, and my house is quite far from where we wanted to eat.
My friend told me not to push it, because he also thought that it would take more effort just to arrive there.

Feeling more energetic and less lazy than usual, i took a bus. On my trip to the bus stop, it was raining heavily and I didn't bring my umbrella. So the rain got me wet and cold. I decided not to sweat it, rainy days are just rainy days, i would have turned a rainy day into a sucky day if i started complaining, i thought.

Having arrived too early, it was 2 hours earlier than the time that we agreed on. We were planning to meet at 2 pm, and it was still 12 pm. I forgot to have any breakfast, so i walked to JCo Donuts and ordered a cronuts, probably meant to be the cousin of donut. And so I enjoyed the cronut with a glass of hot chocolate (medium size, because the J.Co lady only offered me to choose medium or large while they actually have the small sized drink. Smart girl). It was quite an expensive breakfast, and usually I would complain about it. But the cronut tasted great. Once again, my day was saved.

Still waiting for my friends, I walked to the book store. For me, a book store is the only place where you can feel least guilty when you're not buying anything. Just my personal choice for waiting or wasting time. Reading books would never be a waste of time, wouldn't it?

Waiting and waiting. It was 2.30 pm already and my friends hadn't showed up. I was not hungry because the cronuts filled me up, but for some reasons i kinda wanted to not tolerate this lateness. Then i stopped to think. Why should I be upset? I've been here for 2,5 hours,and they've only been late for half an hour. It's probably my fault for arriving here way too early anyway. So, I waited for another half an hour and my friends finally showed up. We ended up having a late lunch in a sushi restaurant. Fyi, sushi is one of my favourite food. My day, once again, was saved, because I chose not to react directly to what was potentially ruining my mood.

I had to go straight back home after the get-together, and tomorrow I need to go back to my boarding house, so I left earlier. It was 5 PM and still, it was raining heavily. As I have mentioned before, i didn't have my umbrella with me, so I was quite soaked while waiting for the bus to come. I thought, hey, I did have a great time, why complain? Suddenly I realized that a quite good looking foreigner was also waiting for a bus. Quite a view. The waiting suddenly didn't feel like it took as long as it actually was.
Then the bus came, and in silence I thanked the guy for saving my day.

In the bus running through the heavy rain, I realized that my phone's battery had only 4% power left. Usually, I kill time by listening to music. But I couldn't count on it at that time. The bus musicians (what's the english word for 'pengamen'?)came and I prayed, this better be good.
What happened next is my jaw dropping. The guy was so good at singing and his choice of songs were just perfect. I was observing this man while he was singing. He really enjoyed singing every single song and gave his all to them. Oh, irony. I remembered watching those so-called singers on TV, becoming popular from doing lip-syncs live.

My mind wandered and then I realized how unlucky this guy is. I'm sure he knows well how singing from bus to bus wouldn't make a living, but he did it with all his heart. I immediately compared him to the street 'musicians' around my boarding house who don't even care about how they sound like, but still ask for money and get mad if they don't get it. But what made me stunned and amazed (i know it sounds a bit too much, but it's true) is how he passionately sang. It's almost like he could relate to every single song. It wouldn't give him much, but he sang beautifully and with his whole heart.

My heart probably smiled that time. I get it. So that's how it looks like when someone does what he/she loves. I felt overwhelmed with what I saw. Now, I'm excited to know how it feels like if it's ME who does it. Doing what I love, loving what I do. That, is what I'm gonna do.

Always remember that small stuff does matter, but don't always sweat over the small stuff.

There are so many small things that could have ruined my whole day, but I decided not to let them.
There are so many big things that I thought would make me the happiest person on earth, but sometimes happiness comes from small stuff I don't usually bother to look at. Like doing what you love.

And don't forget, all these understandings came to me only because I chose not to snuggle with my bed on a lazy Sunday, like I usually do.

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