Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moments (Part 2)


Just wondering.

People meet people, and when there's a meeting there's a farewell. There are times when we once become the closest individuals with certain people. But when it's time, you would suddenly see yourself becoming the most distant stranger to them and it all happens just too fast. 

Moments become memories and time just keeps racing as fast as it could just for the sake of it. We continue with life.

But neither you nor i know how many moments we have with whoever people we meet in life, so there's this slightest chance you would come across each other again with the people you once had so many good memories with. Good and bad.

Regardless of how much time has flown, or how bad the situation was which has made both of you drift away from each other, you would first remember at least the tiniest bit of your good memories with these people.
You would secretly play the scenes in your head, wondering if the other person thinks about it too, or at least remembers it when they finally meet you again.

Would they do the exact same thing?

Just wondering.

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