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Oh, hello there.

To get a sense of what you will read on my blog, here are a few explanations about me as an author of this blog.

I love all things digital. I guess it's not unusual, since I graduated in Computer Science. I'm currently working in IDN Media, a fast growing online media company for Millennials and Gen Z where I get to improve my capabilities in digital marketing, media strategy, and writing. Outside of work, I spend my time browsing the internet and reading articles -- too many good stuff are worth-reading.

I also need to admit that I'm also quite an "internet researcher", so if you knew me in person you would often find me Googling a bunch of things, even the most random things. I don't believe everything on the internet, though, and as time flows I try to find more reliable sources of knowledge.

I am psyched about psychology. This is quite funny because people in IT are often judged as people with a stiff personality who do not take interest in people. That's not true, though; my major never stops me from becoming more human each day. I love getting to know myself and other people.
Note: I'm an NFP, and I'm somewhere between Extrovert and Introvert. Fun.

Food. Food. Food. 

Salty snack is my weakness. Chocolate and ice cream are my best friends. Sushi is my all-time cravings. And quoting Julia Child, a famous American Chef:
People who love to eat are always the best people.
So yeah :D

So, what's on my blog?

My thoughts and reflection, as well as some experiences I think worth sharing. Bear in mind that this blog is also my personal memento, a place where I might keep some of my precious memories. Every single post of this blog comes from the interconnection among the heart, mind, and soul which belong to the author.

Enjoy your reading.


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